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Cloud Electronics -

The New CA 2250 2-channel amplifier is a Class D 2 RU amp with the capability of delivering 250 watts per channel in to 4 /8 ohm or 70 Volts with variable fan speed and Dante Card input. It’s sister amplifier is the new CA 4250 and has the same 4 channel version that delivers 250 watts per channel with channel sharing for extra power to be distributed to those channels requiring more power up to 1000 watts total. The new CA 6160 is a 6-channel Class D amp that delivers 160 watts per channel with power sharing and simple dip switch setting for routing configuration, high pass filtering and impedance setting, and its sister amp is the CA 8125 that is a 8-Channel Class D amp that delivers 125 watts per channel with all the same controls.

Mixers- The DCM1e Digital Programmable Mixer is a room combining unit with the capability of controlling 8 separate zones simultaneously while a remote IPad or IPhone can be used to adjust sound levels anywhere in a facility. The Z4MK4 and Z8MK8 analog mixers are highly acclaimed versatility in controlling 4 to 8 separate zones, with up to 6 music programs, and remote wall plates for controlling source and volume level in each zone. The single rack space mixers CX-163, CX261, & CX-263 all have up to 6 music inputs with single zone, 2 zone, or 3 zone outputs.

NEW MX141 - A new 1 RU 4 input source mixer with mic mixing , FM tuner, and Bluetooth enabled through a media player on board making it a very versatile unit for low cost projects with remote control capability.

NEW MX155 - Is a 1 RU 7 input mic/ line mixer with up to 5 input mixing via mic and one dedicated mic input. The unit also incorporates an emergency replay feature for smaller installs requiring remote muting functionality.

NEW VMA120 - is an exciting new addition to the Mixer/ Amp category that is a 2 RU unit with a 120 watt mono output for both 4 ohm and 70 volt systems, 4 unbalanced line inputs, EQ for the 2 mic balanced inputs, music ducking when mic is activated, phantom powered for mic inputs, and separate master control with EQ makes this new unit ideal for gymnasiums, restaurants, health clubs, sports bars, small outdoor sports stadiums, etc.

NEW VMA240 - is the same as the VMA120 except that it has double the power at 240 watts mono into 4 ohm or 70 volt thus it can be used in larger venues requiring more speakers and more volume level.

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Induction Dynamics -

For the audiophile Induction Dynamics is a complete line of high-end surround sound stand alone speaker cabinets that include Front R & L , Center Channel, Rear R & L and SubWoofer Speaker systems for the finest in sound reproduction available in the CEDIA world of 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Music Reproduction. Available in several custom finishes to suit any living environment the Induction Dynamic speakers set a new standard for surround sound listening for the decerning listener.

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Phase Technology -

Home theater specialists worldwide rely on Phase Technologies extensive product line of 10 different type of sound system speakers.

  • CS & CI Line - is designed for the customer installation of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that deliver the finest in music reproduction.
  • Spacia Compact - is a self contained speaker system for bookself and stand type installation.
  • Solaris Outdoor - is a 15, 25, & 35 watt two=way outdoor speaker system for under eve or pole mount installs.
  • PC Premier Collection - is a complete product line of self contained high end speakers systems for 5.1 surround sound enjoyment which include Front R & L, Center Channel, Rear R & L, and Sub Woofer in different sizes for small, medium, and large listening spaces.
  • Phase Velocity - is a budget cost 5.1 self contained speaker systems for the entry home theater system.
  • Teatro Series - is designed specifically as a center channel sound bar that enhances the 5.1 surround listening environment without having speakers placed throughout a room.
  • DARTS System - is the ultimate high end 5.1/7.1 surround system with stand-alone and in-wall speakers that are typically used in a perforated screen sound projection to reproduce motion picture production as accurately as when it was mixed in the motion picture studio. It is clearly the finest sound system available anywhere.
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Rockustics -

The ultimate landscape line of outdoor speakers that have been in the market for over 30 years.

  • New! PeriScape - directional speakers that help control and focus where you want sound in an outdoor environment such as swimming pools.
  • Cherry Bomb - is the first three way outdoor speaker cabinet where the 8” subwoofer is buried under ground and the mid and high frequency speakers are above ground and can be focused to keep sound in a given area.
  • OS0-440 MultiChannel Amp - is an outdoor amplifier designed to deliver 80 watts in stereo or 4 x40 watts for driving four outdoor speakers. It is Blue Tooth enabled and has WiFi connectivity.
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Solid Drive -

SD-1 The most powerful 100 watt transducer for in-wall, under table, on-glass music performance speaker that has many uses both in commercial and home theater applications. The newest addition SD-1Gt is designed for sound masking in building with old ceilings ( not drop in ceiling ) such as plaster and can cover up to at 25’ radius to provide controlled white noise in busy office spaces.

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Soundsphere -

An industry standard for over 30 years in the use of 6”, 8” 10”, & 12 co axial speakers mounted facing upward forcing sound into a parabolic reflector facing downward, thus providing the first pendant type speaker with even room coverage in large spaces such at warehouses, gymnasiums, and other large cavernous spaces. The Q6, Q110 & Q110 Page, Q-8, and Q-12 can all provide excellent room coverage in smaller quantities compared to smaller less efficient systems.

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Soundtube -

The first true coaxial direct reflecting pendant speaker system invented over 20 years ago that has changed the way that all ceiling type mounted speakers perform today. Soundtube infamous RS Series pendant speakers still continue to lead the industry in sonic performance and even room coverage over many competitors. Soundtube was the first manufacture to incorporate DANTE and 40 watt digital power amplifiers in the same cabinet over 5 years ago that is powered by their own 800 watt network switch by POE. The New IPD-Hub2 can provide localized power to all of the DANTE Soundtube speakers which are Pendant, In Ceiling and Surface Mount. Soundtube offers the widest range of DANTE speakers in the commercial industry, as well as most in ceiling, surface mount, and pendant design for other 70 volt systems.

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DTV Game Control -

DTV Game Control, invented by Automation Connection has a patented software program to instantly control any sports game to be shown on any kind of video monitor or projector in any kind of sports establishment at any given time. Installation of such a system is coordinated by an A/V Contractor that is a DTV Game Control Dealership. Depending on the number of video monitors or projectors in the establishment there would be required numbers of modulators that encode the TV signal and a decoder that converts the video signal at each monitor location.

Once installed the DTV Game Control provides a staff member quick access to ALL daily sports games throughout the day to enable your customers instant sports programming without searching menus for available games without the use of an antiquated IR controller.

A simple IPad can now control all the monitors throughout the building and what sports activity is shown on each screen with a touch of the finger. DTV Game Control is a very affordable system for any kind of Restaurant, Sports Bar, Hotel Lobby Bars, Shopping Malls, Sport Stadiums, or any other type of facility that shows sports programming.

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Infocomm 2017 - New Product Review


FSR introduced 12 new products that are sure to become your go-to items when you are installing systems from here on out.

FSR Metal Products

Under Table Cable Management System (or UTCMS)
Wire Marshall
300 Series Wall Boxes
Project Wall Box
Huddle Power Boxes
Revolution Tables Boxes
Skybox- SB-100

All Metal Heavy Duty fixture for mounting on Lighting Truss with Integrated Rigging Point allowing for Par 64 Par Cans and mounts Four Standard US or Euro Electrical Boxes inside.

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FSR Digital Video Products

Compass 3.0
Digital Video Switchers- HD-HSPSP x RX

Multi Format Scaling Switcher with 4 Inputs (VGA/Audio, Display Port, & 2 HDMI), capable of 4K@60HZ, Audio De- Embedding. Can also be used as the Transmitter with Audio Embedding as a head end switcher.

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SoundTube/MSE -

Soundtube - Dante IP Speaker System
RS-EZ Dante
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Rockustics -

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Solid Drive -


A 4 Foot Ceiling tile bridge in the near future for those installs that have larger ceiling tiles and the cost will be approx. $35. Specialty Outdoor Weather Guard Grilles will be offered for RS- Series to prevent Rust. There will be a minimum order requirement.

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May 2017

FSR's NEW The Clamp w/ 2 Insert Brackets

Manufacture News

FSR's Boosts Ease-of-Installation for Outdoor Wall Boxes with LITE-IT

FSR's New FRAME for Ceiling Enclosures Scores Tech & Learning 2016 Award of Excellence

MA40 Series Mini Amplifiers - New Models Shipping from Cloud for ISE 2017

SoundTube Dante Speakers Now Available

Dante Speakers Nominated for Technology Award for ISE 2017

March 2017
InfoComm 2017, June 10th – 16th, Orlando FL

Visit our brands at these booths:
Solid Drive,
Xilica Audio Design 6449 Connectrac/FSR
AV Stumpfl
Ambisonic Systems
Cloud Electronics

June 2014
InfoComm 2014, June 18th – 20th, Las Vegas NV

Visit our brands at these booths:
AV Stumpfl
Cloud Electronics
FSR C8721 One Systems/On Point Audio


December 2013
MSE Audio Acquires Soundsphere

October 2013
Cloud - New DCM-1e Ethernet Zone Controller - Now Shipping

October 2013
Museum Tools and Secret Sound Acquired by MSE Audio

July 2013
InfoComm 2013 Awards: Best New AV Accessory: FSR HDMI Ribbon

June 2013
On Point Audio® Premiers the OPA-12 Speaker System for Permanent Installation Applications

June 2013
SoundTube Rep Awards InfoComm 2013

April 2013
NGM Appointed One Systems / On Point Audio Rep for Illinois/Wisconsin

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