DTV Game Control
DTV Game Control, invented by Automation Connection has a patented software program to instantly control any sports game to be shown on any kind of video monitor or projector in any kind of sports establishment at any given time. Installation of such a system is coordinated by an A/V Contractor that is a DTV Game Control Dealership. Depending on the number of video monitors or projectors in the establishment there would be required numbers of modulators that encode the TV signal and a decoder that converts the video signal at each monitor location.
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Next Generation Marketing is proud to announce that it has been chosen to represent ZeeVee, the World Leader in Video over IP, in the Illinois-Wisconsin region. ZeeVee has been in the Video over IP business for over ten years and has been connected to over 2,000,000 monitors spanning five continents. ZeeVee offers superior video quality, reliability like none other, simple set up, fantastic support, and advanced applications like video walls, phone home, Multiview, and KVM built-in.

Next Generation Marketing is proud to represent Vicoustic, Innovative Acoustic Solutions. Vicoustic is dedicated to provide great acoustics, enhancing rooms for great sound combined with the best possible design.

Vicoustic provides the best products and services for acoustic treatment. Always guaranteeing best quality of material, stunning design options and perfect results. Combined with skilled consulting and a portfolio of material from a wide range of products available under the registered trademark Vicoustic.

Infocomm 2017 - New Product Review

AV Stumpfl
The first-time introduction of electric and pull-down screens was a huge success for AV Stumpfl. Many of our AV Dealers who have been long since aware of AV Stumpfl's portable and permanent screens were delighted to see Austrian technology show up for the first time in the US showing of high-end Electric and Pull-Down Screens with heavy duty motors, unparalleled mounting brackets, touch screen controls, and screen material that is very unique to AV Stumpfl. Pricing should be available soon.
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FSR introduced 12 new products that are sure to become your go-to items when you are installing systems from here on out. Click here for more info.

FSR Metal Products
Under Table Cable Management System
Wire Marshall
300 Series Wall Boxes
Project Wall Box
Huddle Power Boxes
Revolution Tables Boxes
Skybox- SB-100.
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FSR Digital Video Products
Digital Video Switchers- HD-HSPSP x RX- Multi Format Scaling Switcher with 4 Inputs (VGA/Audio, Display Port, & 2 HDMI), capable of 4K@60HZ, Audio De- Embedding. Can also be used as the Transmitter with Audio Embedding as a head end switcher.
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Point Source Audio
The Embrace
Dual Lavalier
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Dante IP Speaker System
RS-EZ Dante
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Solid Drive
A 4 Foot Ceiling tile bridge in the near future for those installs that have larger ceiling tiles and the cost will be approx. $35. Specialty Outdoor Weather Guard Grilles will be offered for RS- Series to prevent Rust. There will be a minimum order requirement.
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